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Property Details

00 Marsh Road

Price SOLD
Suburb Calliope
Postcode 4680
Property Type Rural
Land Size 4950 Acres


AREA: 4,950 Acres (Freehold) On 2 Titles Being Lot 57 CTN 297 & Lot 8 CTN 511 Parish of Weitalaba

SITUATED: Off Marsh road, 32km from Calliope and 48km from Gladstone and 132km from Rockhampton. Good access to Saleyards and Meatworks at Rockhampton, and Biloela, also Saleyards at Miriam Vale.

COUNTRY: Generally undulating country with areas of flats. Good long hollows going back to hilly country at the rear. The legume “Axelarus” (Lab Lab) is well established in one paddock of the property.
A PMAV is in place over the property. Most of the property is zoned “white”, with some sections of the hillier country zoned “remnant not of concern’.

YARDS & FENCING: Set of stock yards, loading ramp etc. Water connected.
Property is fenced into 6 main paddocks with 3 holding paddocks, 1 with laneway to yards. Fencing all in stock proof condition, with exception of the southern boundary which will be re fenced with a new fence at the vendor’s expense on the sale of the property.

WATER: Property is well watered by seasonal creeks and springs, also a good bore at the yards equipped with a windmill, plus motor and pump to 7,500 gallon storage tank, which reticulates water to yards and paddock troughs.
In addition a total of 12 dams supply water to all paddocks. 3 Unused wells.

CARRYING CAPACITY: Estimated at 280 Breeders. (More with further improvement)

PRICE: $1350,000


Parcel 1: Above as a whole 4,950 Acs. $1,350,000 (Neg)
Parcel 2: Lot 8 CTN511. Area 1,830 Acs. 3 Dams. Fenced etc $399,000 (Neg)
Parcel 3: Lot 57 CTN 297. Area 3,120 Acs. 9 Dams. Equipped Bore. Yards $952,000

Further Enquiries: Ph. Alistair 0427660958